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Woman (model) receiving a peel looking relaxed.

Can You Still Get Deep Chemical Peels?

About 20 years ago, deep chemical peels were some of the go-to techniques for treating severe wrinkling and sun damage. These peels gradually fell out of favor as advanced laser skin treatments accomplished the same goals while reducing the risk of complications. Interest in deep chemical peels has renewed in the past few years, however, …

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A woman receiving aesthetic treatments at a dermatology office (model)

Combining Nonsurgical Treatments: Can You Get BOTOX and Filler (or More) at the Same Time?

Are you looking to discover a more confident you? With today's nonsurgical aesthetic treatment options, you have more choices than ever to help you look and feel your best. Whether you want to address skin concerns caused by aging, sun damage, acne, or dryness, you can achieve younger-looking, rejuvenated skin when you combine the right …

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Woman looking at her face in the mirror (model)

What You Need To Know Before Your Laser Treatment

Currently, there is a wide range of med spa skin treatments aimed at rejuvenating and enhancing your skin. Laser skin treatments are gaining a stronghold among facial rejuvenation procedures for their effectiveness and long-lasting results. We offer a variety of laser skin treatments at our Natick dermatology practice, and if you are hesitant to try …

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