Having different spots on the skin that are discolored is very common. Though these spots are harmless most of the time, they can be cosmetically undesirable. Having pigmentation problems is a sign of skin damage, typically from the sun. At Essential Dermatology, Dr. Krathen can address these pigmented areas with a variety of medical spa treatments to help you get even-toned skin that you can feel confident about.

What Causes Sunspots and Pigmentation?

Sunspots and pigmentation are caused due to an increased amount of melanin. With sunspots, if you are in direct sunlight the UV rays cause your skin to produce melanin to try and protect the skin from the damage. This then damages the cells’ DNA which creates the spots on the skin. Freckles, though a natural occurrence for many, is a sign of skin damage from the sun.

Pigmentation typically occurs when the skin starts to produce too much melanin in a localized area. Melanin is what gives your skin it’s color. The more melanin present in skin, the darker the skin is. If too much melanin occurs, then this could change the color in different areas causing brown spots or red spots.

Treatments for Sunspots and Pigmentation

One of the best ways to avoid having pigmentation problems or sunspots is by using sunscreen regularly. At Essential Derm we help patients with their pigmentation problems by using laser treatments. One of the main laser treatments we use for our patients is the IPL Photofacial. This laser uses light energy to break up and disrupt the melanin in the treatment area. To help maintain your results, Dr. Krathen will recommend some daily sunscreen and skincare products.

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Meet Dr. Michael Krathen

Dr. Michael Krathen is a board-certified dermatologist with more than a decade of medical training and experience. A specialist in both medical and cosmetic dermatology, he uses expertise, collaboration, and compassion to help people of all ages discover their healthiest and most radiant skin.

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