At Essential Dermatology in Natick, MA we offer the state-of-the-art PicoSure® laser device by Cynosure. This is a leading company in laser devices for the aesthetics field. PicoSure helps to remove pigmented lesions, sunspots, and tattoos. This has been proven effective for removing multiple colors in tattoos for best results. To get started on a PicoSure treatment, contact Dr. Krathen at Essential Dermatology. He will customize this treatment to fit your unique needs.

How Does PicoSure Work?

The PicoSure laser device has been described as the gold standard in tattoo removal. This cutting-edge device creates an intense photothermal impact to provide better color removal while also sparing the skin major damage. This treatment can be tailored to specific areas of the skin. The wavelength uses photoacoustic pressure technology to break down the ink pigments. The pigments are broken into crystallized particles that are 100 times smaller than other laser tattoo removal options. By breaking the pigment down the body can more easily pass it through the lymphatic system. Most patients need between 4 to 8 PicoSure treatments to get their best results. Dr. Krathen will create a treatment plan unique to you and your unwanted tattoos.

What Can PicoSure Treat?

  • Tattoos
  • Pigmented Areas
  • Sunspots

Schedule a Consultation

Do you have a tattoo that you desperately want to be removed? Well, we can help. At Essential Dermatology, Dr. Krathen and his team offer the best technologies and methods available for effective tattoo removal. PicoSure laser can remove tattoos easily and break down many different-colored pigments. To get started on your treatment, call Essential Dermatology to make an appointment.