CO2RE Fractional Laser

The CO2RE Fractional Laser by Candela is a completely skin resurfacing system that uses carbon dioxide (CO2). This fractional resurfacing system was developed by Candela, a world-renowned company for aesthetic products and devices. Dr. Krathen uses the CO2RE device to help treat sun-damaged skin, age spots, scars, and more on his patients at Essential Dermatology.

How Does the CO2RE Fractional Laser Work?

The CO2RE Fractional Laser is a great way to comprehensively treat multiple skin conditions. This treatment is like having multiple non-invasive skin rejuvenation treatments at one. This is done in-office and can be done quickly. A topical anesthetic can be applied to help minimize any discomfort. During the treatment the laser removes columns of skin that are damaged, leaving in-tact surrounding skin to aid in healing. You will see an immediate improvement in your skin. Your skin will be sensitive and inflamed for a week or so afterward while it is healing. After this, your skin will be completely rejuvenated.

What Can the CO2RE Fractional Laser Treat?

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If you have many skin concerns that you want to tackle the CO2RE Fractional Laser is a great option for you. This device can comprehensively improve the overall look of your skin for a healthy glow! Talk to Dr. Krathen about your options for this treatment. To schedule a consultation, contact Essential Dermatology by phone or online form.